Sunday , April 2 2023

Junior de Barranquilla: "If VAR is to improve football, welcome"


The Junior from Barranquilla continues to add good results to the campaign in 2018, where he scored 2-0 in his visit Santa Fe for the Copa Sudamericana semifinals at the El Campin Stadium.

Marlon Piedrahita, the right-hand side of the "Tiburon" team spoke to Alarue Caracol at the triumph at the continental competition and what they expect from closing the key in Barranquilla.

In the first case, the player praised his colleagues, key players in achieving the results: "I really liked the goal of Theo and it gave us that cheerfulness that we did not sometimes find in the game. The best player of Lučo (Luis Diaz) who attacks everywhere" he said.

"Yesterday we had to be well stopped and closed our defense side, we had Seijas and then what can contribute to the offensive is always important, and in this shopping match it is the truth"

What do you think of VAR?

"They gave us a conversation at Conmebol, where they told us that the main goal was good use of El Var, it depends on the judge's interpretation many times, but if VAR is to improve football, welcome"

How was the Junior process in 2018?

"This year we learned and the team works well, we are on the right top where we wanted to get in with a good physical condition, yesterday we showed a lot of good things that the team has and we will continue to show how we can fulfill our goals," he explained.

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