Monday , November 29 2021

Laura Olascuaga, national vice president of beauty, renounced her title


Ms. Bolivar resigned on Friday, November 16th, and this Saturday she accepted the National Competition for Beauty.

Many fans of the competition have expressed their opinion on the resignation of Olaskuage, at its latest photo instagram. Retrieved from instagram / @ lauraolascuaga

Olascuaga is a student of social communication and journalism, is 23 years old and was the second finalist of the ruling, who won Gabriel Tafur, a representative of the Valle Department.

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La Cartagena published in her Instagram account a series of photographs of her participation in the competition, in which she stated that national governance was her best experiences. In the latest photo, he wrote "God's time is perfect," in which many of his followers complained about his resignation.

The reasons for the resignation of Olaskuag have not yet been revealed.

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"National Virren de Belleza, Laura Olascuaga Pinto, which is presented the section of Bolivar at the last competition, He resigned to his address on November 16, 2018, an application accepted by our organization on November 17, "the organization of the beauty contest said, according to the RCN Radio Record.

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