Thursday , September 29 2022

Lucho Bermudez Music School celebrates its four years of existence


Lucho Bermudez Music School in El Carmen de Bolivar celebrates four years of transforming life through bagpipes, drums, clarinets and dances, and will mark the concert with renowned artists in the region.

The celebration will be tomorrow at 18:00 in the hall of the auditorium with a concert with artists such as: Iembele and Dora Rueda, former participant "Io llamo", imitation of "Patricia Teheran", in addition to the practice of musical students.

Since its inception, schools have benefited more than 900 students. "This is a legacy that awards recognition to the most important Colombian composer of the 21st century, Luco Bermudez," said Alfonso Cardenas, director.

He emphasized that during the entire period, experience was significant, since nothing previously existed due to the revival of the armed conflict that caused and affected the region of Montes de Maria a thousand lives, which "silenced" most of the movement in a great way. which existed.

Today they tell one more story thanks to the silence of the rifles. They assure that the area is liberated from war and with numerous cultural traditions accompanied by the size of the flora and fauna, which makes the region privileged for ecotourism.

The entity is part of 950 priority schools and was created by a municipal agreement within the National Plan for the suppression of music, pedagogical and musical project, training and cultural music performance in children, youth and adults community Montemarianas

According to him, this institution is currently positioned as a model of schools across the country in terms of musical prototypes in this line, designed by the Ministry of Culture.

"We have developed a wonderful job thanks to our human talent from El Carmen de Bolivar, and we are an example for other schools in the country that want to replicate the job. So much so, based on that, 6 prototypes were made on the Bolivar section."

It has now become a reference point in the field thanks to the cultural mobilization, production, circulation, research and psychosocial attention of children and youth in the territory, which has made significant progress in the country's music schools.

The pedagogical and musical project of the school is also reached by the vulnerable population in 10 institutions, 4 korigimientos and 10 villages of El Carmen de Bolivar. The collective practices taught are: choir, band, traditional mushroom and drum music, typical ensemble practice in the harmonica of music and rubbing only the practice of lectures in Bolivar after Cartagena.

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