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Mario Segale died, a man who inspired Nintendo for Super Mario


Mario Segale was an inspiration for the most famous plumber

Super Mario has died, he says. Mario Segale, the man by whom he was named a popular hero

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Super Mario, 84 years old. Segale was a successful Italian real estate investor in Washington, USA.

In the eighties, he rented one of his stores in the company

America, who decided to call her a star of her new video game. In 1993, Segale talked to the Seattle Times magazine, which is believed to be his only public allusion to his connection to the iconic video game.

At that time, Super Mario had just sold 100 million copies, making Nintendo one of the most profitable video game companies in the world. Segale replied to a journalist with a scarf: "I'm still waiting for my compensation."

The millionaire plays

Super Mario was originally called Jumpman until Nintendo decided he wanted to give the person a real name. Segale said Minoru Arakava, whose task was to install Nintendo from America, who told him that the video game hero got a name for him.

But despite the fame of the animated character, Segale's death bulletin emphasized that man always avoided ignorance and "wanted to be known for what he had achieved in his life." "The innovations he brought to the construction industry that are still visible today confirm his exceptional creativity," the article says. Segal leaves behind Donna's wife, four children and nine grandchildren.

The Mario series is often cited as the most successful franchise for video games of all time. The latest adventure of plumber, Super Mario Odissei, is currently the best-selling game in the new console

Nintendo Switch
and sold more than 12 million copies.

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