Sunday , October 2 2022

Nissan Leaf: a fashion return to the car fair


Nissan was one of the brands most involved in the development of electric vehicles in the world. Cars such as Leaf Hatchbacks have become popular in the world thanks to a combination of technology and affordable prices. Taking into account the benefits for VAT, Dinissan offers the new Nissan Leaf 2019 rain technology.

The Nissan Leaf 2019 comes fully changed from the original version. Launched more than two months ago in California, where it was developed. It replaces the one that was launched in 2012, which has become a global sales success.

For this vehicle, Nissan has not been spared in technological advancement. It may be the most interesting pedal driving model, first seen in Colombia. This mode allows the driver to accelerate, slow down or brake the vehicle with the right foot.

This mode uses engine regeneration systems to stop the vehicle and give it more autonomy. When the pedal is completely released, the vehicle stops and reduces the driver's effort. The tilt assistant helps prevent "rolling" until the driver presses again.

The Nissan Leaf 2019 has a 40 kVh battery system that allows production up to 389 kilometers per load up to the factory. This has not been substantiated in the country, but the US EPA has supported a range of 240 kilometers. It would be a realistic estimate that is positively comparable to other electric vehicles.

Accessories, such as the 8-inch infotainment screen and the 7-inch digital dashboard, emphasize the accent on technology. There are also parking services, adaptive cruise and other assistance.

In addition to Leaf, the Japanese brand carries two newspapers at its stand in pavilions 15 and 16 Corferias. The first will be the Altima sedan, a luxury sedan with turbocharging a 2-liter variable-compression engine. His strength is 248 horses. The second is the Bladeglider concept, an interesting three-seater electric sports car that shows its vision of the future.

All these innovations are added to classic brand vehicles, such as March, Kashkai and X-Trail. Even so, the Nissan Leaf, with its 350,000 units sold in the world, will need a stopping road for fans of electric cars and the environment.

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