Tuesday , September 27 2022

Samsung unveiled its first flap with a flexible screen: Galaki F


Many names have spoken about this new terminal. In the end, Samsung baptized as "Galaki F". Its main specifications were announced at the Samsung Developer Conference, held in San Francisco. In this way, Koreans have shown more about their vision of the future of smartphones.

Galaki F 01.jpg

The expectation that the new Galaxy F will be the first to see has caused great excitement after Samsung modified its corporate image in its social networks in which those who saw the company's name flipped over. A clear statement of intent.

Samsung called the new Galaki F a "technology jump" and presented them in a category of devices to be named after that "Infiniti Flek Displai".

Galaki F 03.jpg

"Galaki F sets the stage for a new type of mobile experience, and we are excited to work with developers on this new platform to create a new value for our customers," said DJ Koh, Executive Director of Mobile Communications and the IT Division of Samsung Electronics.

The new Samsung Smartphone will be a 2K1 device, which can be converted to a phone or tablet depending on the usage you want to give.

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