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The law office is ready to issue a judgment in the Triple A ELESPECTADOR.COM case


After eight months of the investigation, today's decision will be known against Ramon Navarro Pereira, Julia Margarita Serrano Monsalvo and Ramon Heraclito Hemer Redondo, former director of the company for alleged irregularities in employment.

According to the state prosecutor's office, more than 237,000 million dollars would be diverted. That's about $ 80 million.Archive

At 9 am on November 13th, December 13, a disciplinary decision against Ramon Navarre Pereira, Julia Margarita Serrano Monsalvo and Ramon Heraclito Hemer Redondo, Troika A, will be known, investigated for alleged irregularities in a subscription contract signed with Inassa in Colombia for the provision of services sewage and aqueducts.

In March this year, when the Public Prosecutor's Office called on three general managers of Triple A for a public hearing, a disciplinary investigation conducted that found that the Spanish company had paid Inassi fee for the contract from $ 1,600 million or more $ 19,000 million a year.

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That money, allegedly, would have been to pay for contracts and services that were not needed or never done. The prosecution also stands behind these alleged illegal maneuvers that would be used by public money from the Atlantic coast.

What was the contract?

The contract consisted of "providing technical assistance in commercial, operational, administrative and technical management related to public utility waste disposal services, sewerage and cleaning". For these services, the triple A has promised to pay Inassa monthly with 4.5% of the revenue paid into the company's capital.

By that time, the case did not present any irregularities, since the parties had reached that agreement. However, the State Prosecutor's Office found that none of these services was performed. After the discovery, the public ministry accuses those who were involved because they allowed Inassi to collect resources that were partly owned by the Barranquilla District.

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In other words, Triple A has authorized these money payments, of which Barranquilla has 14.5% of ownership rights. "The imputed guilty to the legal representatives of Troika A consists of appropriating, directly or indirectly, for their own benefit or third parties, public resources or allowing others to do so, or misusing them," said the State Prosecutor's Office, referring to three former officials , demanded disciplinary proceedings.

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According to the documents of the Public Prosecutor's Office, this contract is still valid, but already has strict control over the controlling entity. Due to the antiquity of the agreement, it is not clear how much money has been irregularly diverted to Spain, which would be much more than the amount of $ 237 million, as the amount only applies to five years of payment.

Key points investigated by the Prosecutor General

During the investigation period, the public ministry investigated three main lines in a corruption scandal. As a first step, the state prosecutor took into account the process of "capitalization and capitalization of Troika A, which led to a reduction in public capital from 85% to 14.5%". This is the same research line that led the control body to intervene in popular action to defend citizens' public legacy.

The second line is on administration and resource management "to transfer the Barranquilla District to Triple A for subsidies, in the order of 70,000 million pesos". And thirdly, the State Prosecutor's Office "explores the administration and management of resources transferred by the Barranquilla District to Triplex A for subsidies, in the order of 70,000 million pesos".

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