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The mysterious interstellar object Oumuamua is not an external probe, says a scientist who discovered it | Asteroids


The physicist and astronomer who discovered Oumuamu, the first interstellar object ever discovered in the solar system, said that the theory that the object is "solar core of artificial origin" is wild speculation.

A study by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics published this month suggested that a 400-meter facility could be "solar cores".

Solar core is a method of propulsion for probes and spaceships an alternative or complementary to the use of engines that include thrusters of produced sources outside the ship itself.

"There is a maximum speed that you can travel to be gravitated by the sun," said astronomer Robert Verik for CBC. "When we first saw this object, it traveled faster than that, so we know it actually comes outside of our solar system. We decided that it was a comet that had a little degasation that was not visible from the earth, so it did not look like a comet. "

He added: "(Harvard Researchers) have decided to focus on another aspect of it, being an alien spaceship and having solar sailing material that creates a non gravitational path. But in reality we believe that this is not true on the basis of the data we have get. "

Oumuamua, he said to CBC, is probably "the rest of the second solar system." "That's something that happened to us by chance and we were very lucky to watch the telescope tonight and watch in that direction," he said.

Harvard researchers told Fox Nevs on November 12 that the study "is trying to explain the excess of force" that worked on Oumuamu.

"Our work follows a standard scientific methodology: the anomaly is observed in the data, the standard explanation does not explain it, so an alternative interpretation is proposed," said Loeb Fok. He added that Verikov's comment "shows prejudice".

"I encourage anyone who has a better explanation to write an article on the subject and publish it. Any misinterpretation can be ruled out when more information about Oumuamu or other members of her population is being published in the future." The reaction of the type you indicated shows prejudice, "he said.

Faith's work mainly focuses on the search for asteroids that pose a threat to the Earth.

Results of the study

"Taking into account artificial origin, one of the possibilities is that Oumuamua is a solar core, floating in an interstellar space as a nut of advanced technological equipment," researchers in an article in Harvard on November 1st said. They noticed that the building had a "specific acceleration" through space.

"Such acceleration is expected naturally for comets, which drive material in evaporation, but recent observations and theoretical research mean that Oumuamua is not an active comet," researchers said.

Harvard study adds: "Cores with similar dimensions have been designed and built by our own civilization, including the IKAROS project and the Starshot Initiative. The technology of solar cores can be used to transport cargo between the planet or between the stars."

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