Monday , April 12 2021

The traffic police would no longer be dismantled; I would like to share routes with “chupas”

“Cleaning for traffic police will not happen”he said Secretary of Mobility, Nicolas Estupinan, upon the arrival of the “chupa” in the capital.

The official reminded that he is the mayor Claudia Lopez “It was very clear” with the national government, the Ministry of Defense and the National Police, so it was in Bogota there is no dismantling of the Traffic Police several times.

Estupinjan pointed out that this dependence on the institution is quite important and that they have gained extensive experience in managing the capital’s traffic over the past 15 years. “It helped reduce deaths.”

Agreement with the traffic police

Estupinjan pointed out that an agreement was signed with the Traffic Police this Friday to maintain the 1,000 traffic agents the capital has.

However, the Secretary of Mobility stated that training of “some guards” will continue this will help, according to Estupinjan, to protect public space. There will be about 300 people.

In that sense, he stated that this year we will move forward with the application of street parking. In the second semester, progress will be made in this aspect as well new “guardians” will be vital to the regulation of public space.

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