Saturday , April 1 2023

They are exploring the birthday celebration with barut and mariachis for the leader of the terrace in Medellin: the terrace manager would celebrate his birthday with a marijuana and a gunpowder. | Regions


The The controversial celebration was recorded in the video which circulates the social network. Obviously, with marijuana, shit i bombs, near the prison Pedregal, friends and cousins ​​Villiam Andres Moscoso Monsalve, aka "the Chivo"Or" Monkey"They celebrated his birthday.

This man is leader of the La Terraza delinquency group and served a year in jail Antiokuia capital.

Information of judicial control itself they warn that this celebration, which was obviously taking place between 9 and 10 November, responds to date of birth Villiam Andres Moscoso Monsalve, 9 November 1981.

In a video that circulates through social networks, it is noticed as some of them high point of the mountain what It connects with jail, aircraft, bombs and people singing around the marians which directs its sound and horrors to a fixed point of the criminal.

For now, authorities do not confirm La Terraza's celebration, but warn that they will investigate, too, because they have repeated it selling, burning, distributing and selling bullets in Medellin is prohibited.

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