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This is how Medelin comes into the match against Bucaramanga, for the quarterfinals Liga Aguila II 2018 | Colombian Football | Eagle League


Independiente Medellin will receive this Wednesday at Atletico Bucaramanga, at 8:00 am. At Atanasio Girardot, for the first match of the quarter-finals of the II Liga 2018, Tim Antiokuia will use at home to define the series as a visitor.

Octavio Zambrano, coach of Medellina, spoke about the importance of achieving the quarterfinals: "It's a sum of all the efforts and all those who are trying to get where we are."

Not finishing in the first four places, Medelin will have to close as a visitor, and for Zambrano it will not be unpleasant. "It does not affect us so much because we are a team that comes out of the game, either from home or from home. We are a bit different about how we are dealing with rivals," he said.

As for what the team should do in the first game, the strategist said: "You have to spend a homework in our case, do your homework to go to Bucaramanga with a result that is difficult to overcome for them. You have to do homework in there and there. "

On the rivals, Ecuador assessed possession of the ball and the work of coaching staff. "It's a good team, Flabio Torres has put his shades and professor Oscar Serrano, also because you have to know many things from the line and Serrano has done a great job, they are very tied to good football and possession of the ball."

The only suspicion that Zambrano has is Juan Fernando Caicedo. The attacker came out of the match against Envigada with discomfort and could come with the show to dedication against Bucaramanga. "I do not think that I would accuse such a pain that I would not let him play. If he can not do that, we will preserve his integrity, but he wants to play and we want him to play," the coach said.

In addition, Medelin will have the return of Iulian Anchica, Luis Luna, Andres Ricaurte and Larry Angulo who missed the match against Envigado because they filled the penalty after they reached five yellow cards.

Probably alignment:

Independent Medelin: David Gonzalez, Elvis Perlaza, Jesus Murillo, Hernan Pertuz, Sebastian Macias, Villiam Parra, Larri Angulo, Braian Castrillon, Andres Ricaurte, Juan Fernando Caicedo and German Cano.
D.T .: Octavio Zambrano.

Simon Gomez Cordoba
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