Thursday , June 1 2023

Three apps you should avoid downloading on your mobile phone


Entering Google Play (Android) or AppStore (iOS) raises the need to download any app that is being advertised as useful to improve the functioning of our mobile phone. But not all are in line with what they promise, and worse, they cause more problems.

Not only can they be in the focus of viruses and malware, but also fill in unwanted ads and take up too much space. While Google has eliminated some 700,000 Android-related harmful apps, several popular apps that offer amazing solutions that are not that kind are still circulating.

These are the three types of applications you need to avoid:

1. Those who clean the phone

These are the ones that ensure that they are able to improve the performance of the cells by making general cleaning, either from memory or some data that is invisible to the average user.

The most famous is Clean Master, which slows down the phone, replaces the blocking screen and asks to download more applications from the programmer. Having an app in the background that closes rebooting processes is not effective, no matter how much you claim to be optimization. Not to mention the amount of information they arrive because they are unnecessary because they are exaggerated.

To clear the hidden data in your phone, you can go to the settings and delete the cach data for each application on the storage card.

Go files from Google are more manageable in that view.

2. Those who promise to save the battery

With frequent use, mobile phones have been exhausted for several hours, which leads to user's desperation. Some applications are more tempting than looking for a charger, so the drop in the trap is simple.

If you want to save battery power, it's best to try to manage your own consumption better and eliminate applications that use the most data (especially those that you never use). No application will give you a magic solution, so try, in addition, to reduce the brightness on the screen, use apps in night mode, or reduce wireless connections.

3. Those who update the smartphone
Overheating of a mobile phone is also a common problem, either because of exposure to the sun or high temperatures. The system that processes your phone takes a few hours to cool down and use the app only to become saturated. It is best to turn off the phone for a few minutes to return to normal.

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