Wednesday , December 8 2021

Truck drivers, stop on November 23


Representatives of several guild trucks in the country have published this they would immobilize their vehicles from next Friday, November 23, after being convinced that the national government has no political will to adhere to the norms already in force, such as the cost of cargo transportation and a court decision that allows the removal of 13 thousand badly registered vehicles that are unfairly competing.

Felipe Munoz Monroi, director of the Association of Transport Association (ATC), said that although this is the worst moment to stop the transporter, bases are willing to shut down their engines after they noticed that the government pushed them to make that decision increasing fuel prices and paying for tolls.

According to the leaders of the trade unions, "The trucks are desperate and they see no other solution since the end of the activity, but there is an immediate response from the government to our requests. "

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Carriers also require better working conditions because they are the second cause of the death of a car accident exhaustion of drivers, which are subject to long waiting for loading and unloading of goods in inappropriate places.

Another non-conformity of the cargo transportation service is the law on financing that adjusts VAT on the products of the family basket and affects the pocket of all Colombians.

Given these conditions, Monroe asked the National Government empty all cases to avoid unemployment carriers that would have very serious consequences for the economy of the country.

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