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Ugly Betty: Complaint filed by Fernando Gaitan through Don Armando, against Jorge Enrique Abello | Netflix soap operas FAME


I’m Betty, Ugly“There is still anger on the Netflix platform. His presence in the top 10 most watched productions makes characters like ‘Don Armando’, which he plays Jorge Enrique Abello, return to the “stage” and tell some details about what was a real world phenomenon that was published in 1999.

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As it did for most of 2021 Colombian interpreter Jorge Enrique BelloThrough his YouTube channel, he tells anecdotes, data, and also has conversations with actors who were part of the RCN production, where he worked with a renowned, Ana Maria Orozco.

What we will say next is what the actor called on his channel the chapter in which “Betty hides Armand in” Infidelity “. In this episode, Abello remembers the complaint that the soap opera creator wanted to make, Fernando Gaitan, through the character of ‘Don Armando’.

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Just like he says Jorge Enrique Bello, there was a scene in “I’m Betty, Ugly” it went unnoticed at the time of publication. Well, this moment has to do with the recording he made with the Colombian actress Angelina Moncaio, which gave life to the model Karina Larson.

As you remember, Karina had a secret connection with Picture of Armando Mendoza, who was Marcela Valencia’s boyfriend at the time. After learning about her partner’s infidelity, the executive asked for the model’s release. Her orders were carried out and the young woman was strictly forbidden to visit Ecomod.

Later, after the announcement of Valencia and Mendoza’s commitment in the media, the model reappears on the company’s premises to regain its relationship. Betty, who barely had two days in Ekomoda, performed all kinds of maneuvers to help her boss solve the situation without her fiancée finding out.

For the popular ‘Don Armando’, the message for him was a ‘denunciation’ Fernando Gaitan, era to expose the abuse that women suffer because of this macho character.

“I did this scene several times and I had to raise Angelina’s hand. He would pick her up and really push her. Imagine today how you lift a woman by the hand, push her and pull her out of the reception of a place. It would be unforgivable today. “the Colombian artist remembered.

“My character was an antihero, but that went unnoticed. It was harassment from the front, a lie from the front, many terrible things, but that is what Fernando Gaitan condemned. We built a hateful character, a monster in a way, macho, offensive, that broke all the signs that any woman from any other series could fall in love with. “added.

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Don Armando and Michel “The Frenchman” were the ones who confronted at the end of the telenovela to see who had the heart left Beatriz Pinzon. But in real life, those who played these characters at their meeting showed that they have a good relationship, they started to remember anecdotes and talk about some things from the series.

Jorge commented that the novel had to culminate together with Betty and the Frenchman, he even mentioned “I suggested it”, he explained that he talked to Fernando Gaitan in order to let Betty finish with the French at the end of the telenovela.

“They wanted to lynch me, people were so angry about how I treated Betty, so I went to Fernando’s office and told him ‘let him go with the French, he’s perfect, he’s blue, slender, he loves her. If I go out on the street, they lynch me ‘said Abello.

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