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What was the secret behind Freddie Mercury's head?


On November 1, it is premiered worldwide & # 39; Bohemian Rhapsodi & # 39;, one of the most anticipated films from 2018, "Biopic" in which actor Rami Malek gives life to a singer with one of the highest quality stone voices: Freddie Mercuri.

Undoubtedly, the role was a challenge for an American actor, who had not only had to learn to instill all the gestures of the charismatic leader The Queen, but he also had to attend classes of singing and piano, in order to replace him on his music page.

In that sense, the voice that is heard in the film represents its mixture, with one of the imitators Marc Martel and, of course, he Freddie

Some experts believe that Mercury's special vocal sound was due to an extraordinary tessiture capable of covering four octaves, however, the latest study by scientists, published in Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocologists, Revealed it The vocal range of Mercury was a normal, healthy adult man.

Experts analyzed the voice of the British singer through the selection of archival recordings with collaboration of rock singers Daniel Zangger-Borch, capable of imitating his voice.

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The main author of the study, an Austrian scientist Christian Herbst, confirms that, contrary to what was meant, Merkur was a baritone who sang as a tenor with extraordinary control of his voice production technique.

Among the most obvious characteristics of the singer is The deliberate distortion that Merkur used to create the so-called. rue sound.

The scientists recorded a rock singer who resembled this special type of song, especially recording his larry video with a speed camera over four thousand frames per second, which helped them understand what Merkur is doing physiologically while singing his notes in a distorted manner and they saw that in its best eccentric scene, has moved its vocal system to the limit.

According to experts, Original vibrato Merkur was due to a quick and light variation in the tone. Most pop / rock singers maintain regular vibrato, while their riots are unusually fast.

In general, during one of these vibrations, vocal cords vibrate with a frequency between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 hertz. However, Merkur can easily reach 7 ~ 04 Hz.

Simply put, Merkur's vocal cords moved faster than any singer, so her voice managed to reach absolute limits.

"I could have achieved super-sound vibrations, which were not common at all. I had an incredible voice" said the biophysicist at the Big Think portal

That's why the voice of the classic as & # 39; Someone Like It, & # 39; Bike Run & # 39; about "I want to rest& # 39;; is unique and so far, unpredictable.

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