Saturday , June 3 2023

A medley medal from Putin caused a stormy reaction on the nets. See


Czech writer Jaromir Nohavica received a medal of merit on consolidating friendship between the people on Sunday at a ceremony marking the Day of National Unity. His gratitude by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin provoked contradictory reactions. See the most interesting social networks.

Recognizing the contribution of culture or affection to Putin? Some memes try to make the medal make funny lighting. Other comments were given by a singer who had previously collaborated with StB, specifically on the gang.

For example, political satiror Fear says that Nohavitsa also distributes the well-known magazine Ctilistek. Some parts of his songs also refer to the situation, such as the song "I have a scar on my lips in which I sing" I spoke to the presidents, I met the killers, I came naked and went naked, I saw Russian tanks … "

Pushkin's medal received 940 people from the Russian president. In the past, for example, former Czech President Vaclav Klaus received in 2007. This was taken over in March by Czech-Russian President Jiri Klapka.

Last year, Nohavica won a state award from Czech President Milo Zeman. He is proud of the Silver Arrowhead for the development of the Czech-Russian relations, which was given by the Kremlin last year.

Others respond to international cases related to Russia.

Others seek an analogy in the Czech Republic.

The medal was also commented on by some politicians.

Some commentators believe that Nohavic's gratitude from the Russian ruler is the culmination of his cooperation with the StB.

According to the Faculty of Social Sciences of Masaryk University in Brno, "Nohavits, by taking the Pushkin Prize from the hand of President Putin, legitimizes an authoritarian regime that eliminates its criticism."

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