Monday , April 12 2021

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PlayStation Indies

In recent years, numerous titles have been born on the indie indie scene, which are not a problem to equate their quality with the production of the world’s largest studios. You can find many of them in the current discount offer at the PlayStation Store. We are the first to have a sweet royal battle here Autumn boys: Ultimate knockdown (412 CZK), which PS + subscribers were able to activate completely free of charge last year. Although the boy’s enthusiasm for the fall has waned, his community has come to life with increasing content.


Fans of the metroidvanie genre have definitely come to their last years, and one of the most successful pieces that fits it undoubtedly Hollow Knight (160 CZK). The spacious open world hides a bunch of secrets and dangerous monsters in beautifully drawn graphics. It mainly depends on your skills whether you can handle them. The game is here in the Voidheart edition, which includes several additional content packages.

If a hollow knight’s walk through the rose garden is for you, you can boldly embark on a jumping game Glass head (412 CZK). It could be said that you spend most of your time fighting with bosses. For each of them, you have to go with a different strategy and watch out for each projectile. Otherwise, the level will restart quickly. Everything takes place in a unique graphic design, which evokes the atmosphere of animators from the 1930s.

In the end, we can pinpoint the action Destroy all people! (682 CZK), in which you view Earth as an alien. Your task is to collect enough DNA and it doesn’t matter what means you use for it. In the meantime, it is also out of the question to upset the entire United States.

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