Tuesday , May 30 2023

Do not relax. Dökkal first trained in America, and then with Sparta, so he does not feel handicapped in front of Poles with Poljan


Vlastimil Vacek, Okay

For a holiday and a few days off, you would have the right to leave the international competition, and the team would meet in two weeks …

The break I had not been long ago. We stayed in America by the end of the week, so I went to the training, after I returned to Bohemia, I talked to Sparta and completed four trainings.

So, do not you feel that there is a lack of game load and a regular playing rhythm, so is the pause for this reason registered for you?

It is clear that it would be better for me, and even better to continue with the regular rhythm of wrestling and to be in regular load, but definitely I do not think it will be a handicap for me if I did not play for two weeks.

So, in the most difficult confrontations of the new era, are you more excited about this?

The hardest?

You are playing with Poland that started at the World Cup in Russia, so it should be in the hierarchy of a European football higher than Slovakia or Ukraine, the opponents you played with in October.

While the Polish representation has shown its performance and quality in the long run, but in terms of direct comparison, Ukraine is currently at the same level plus a minus and therefore can compete with the best Europeans. As for the quality of teams and players in individual sets, I think that not only Ukraine, but Slovakia is comparable to Poland.

However, even in Gdansk there is a chance to prove that the Czech national team is on the rise under the new coach. And despite the fact that the Poles will probably miss their key player Levandovsky.

They would be eased if we did not join us.

And what if a sniper from Baierne appears on the ground despite health problems?

His quality is extreme because he is one of the best attackers in the world, but we are not just Levandovski. We are preparing for Poland as such. We can only influence the things we have in our hands, and not whether Levandovski will play or not.

Do not you think that the League of Nations with Slovakia is being held more than the preparations with Poland Monday, because it will decide whether to stay in the second division of this competition?

In our team there is no one who thinks like this and thinks the engagement is more important. We will match both games.

So, are you sure that there was a good atmosphere of the previous meeting and matches with Slovakia and Ukraine in the national team?

We all felt well from past performances, so there is no reason why the atmosphere should not be brought into the present. Now we must try to return it back to the field and prove that some progress is in progress.

Just for sure?

It's about creating certain basic things, such as taste and energy, repeating and telling us that it was not possible to do more. In the previous matches, we saw them, but we have to repeat them regularly, and remove the defects that will logically bring each match.

With his predecessor in captain's role, Darida, who returns to the team after injury, should be easier …

We are all pleased that we have returned to the national team because of the long-lasting work of football and maintaining high-performance standards. I believe that it is perfectly suitable after injury and will show what we are used to.

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