Saturday , June 3 2023

Exporters: Exports from the Czech Republic this year would reach a record $ 4.3 trillion


Initially, the Association of Exporters estimated that this year the volume of exports of the new record will not be reached. The main reason for the growth of this year's export is according to Dawn that the crown did not go up as expected. For example, in the middle of the year, the crown weakened the euro by more than 26 crores, which has reached the lowest value since this July. The dollar weakened to 23.01 CZK / USD. The bad crown brings back the exporters.

So far, the largest volume of exports of Czech taxpayers came this year, despite the fact that they are now facing a significant shortage of workers. "Over the past two years, we have suffered because of a lack of workforce," he said. He estimated that companies currently lack up to 400,000 workers. The competitiveness of Czech products abroad, according to tax, also reduces the rapid growth of wages behind which productivity growth is lagging behind. "Some exporters are in trouble with the profitability of their products," he said.

Czech exports have been gradually increasing since 2009. Since then, exports have almost doubled, with an increase of 12 percent on average on average. This year's growth of two percent, according to the association, shows a significant slowdown in the stagnation of demand for Czech products abroad. The main signal of the future stagnation of exports in the next year to the Taxes is given to the automotive industry, where the Czech economy is highly dependent.

"Sales of passenger cars fell 4.7 percent, spare parts 3.6 percent, and trucks by 15.5 percent," the Association said. "The economic cycle is not at its peak or is at its peak," said Danek.

He pointed out that the main subscribers countries Germany and Slovakia are stagnating. "Only Poland and France are growing from the five largest buyer countries," he said. According to him, in the following period, the disruption, tariff barriers created by US President Donald Trump, sanctions between the EU and Russia, the weakening of the Chinese economy and the turbulent situation in Turkey. Exporters also expect the crown to strengthen in the next year.

The exporter according to the Dan next year will guess the planned cancellation of the retention period, ie return to compensation for the first three days of the illness. "Decrease reduction will further aggravate labor shortages," says Danek.

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