Tuesday , May 30 2023

Federer defeated defeat and held hope, Anderson struck Nishikori


Federer entered the tournament with an unexpected loss to Nisikor and Thiem who played to keep progressive hopes. With 15 previous tournament championships with a famous Swiss champion of only thirty-one years, he just finished in the base group.

Unlike the Sunday's match, the six-time winner of the Masters Federer managed to avoid mistakes and balance the balance with Thiem at 2: 2. In opening sets, he broke the Austrian opponent twice, in the second set he got his service at the start, and then in the final match. He did not make a break in himself.

The fourth place Anderson won the second match in London and is close to the semifinals in his debut at the event for the best player of the year. Nisicori after winning this time Federer, was not enough for a South African singer. Twenty-five-year-old winner scored ten and won the first time in a match from scratch.

During his service, Anderson was sovereign, but he also managed to fight gambling with long incomes, in which Nishikori turned seven barbers. In the second set, the resistance of Japanese tennis players gradually weakened, but ultimately managed to eliminate another "canary". The match lasted only an hour and five minutes.

London Tournament Tennis Tournament (Hard Surface, $ 8.5 million):

Group Lleiton Hevitt:

Anderson (4-JAR) – Nishikori (7-Jap.) 6: 0, 6: 1

Federer (2-Switzerland) – Thiem (6-a.) 6-2, 6-3

1. Kevin Anderson 2 2 0 4: 0 2
2. Kei Nisikori 2 1 1 2: 2 1
. Roger Federer 2 1 1 2: 2 1
4. Dominic Thiem 1 0 2 0: 4 0

Group Llodra, Santoro:

7: 6 (7: 5), 7: 6 (7: 5) Klaasen, Venus (6-JAR /

J. Murrai, Soares (4-Brit. / Braz.) – Cabal, Farah (2-Col.) 6: 4, 6: 3

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