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Great change with Dana and Vladimir: The transformation turned its life back


Three quarters of a year since shooting, there has been a major change in husband and wife. Both acknowledged that the program helped them a lot. "The relationship between us is better and better and we communicate with each other." The program opened our eyes and helped us, "they praised." From my point of view, communication is very intimate, even in intimate matters. "The husband is more open in this, he can talk about it, and now I can say what disturbs me "she acknowledged.

Although both at the beginning of the shooting claimed to be in no hurry for another, after a few days everything was different. "I missed that, we have not been this long before, and when I saw her, it was great for her, she was a very different woman, she changed for better, better dressed, practiced," said Vladimir about his wife. Immediately upon returning home, his wife bragged that he played during the shooting. Today they dance together!


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Source: TV Nova

10 years younger: Will the radical transformation of the fallen marriage be saved? – 1

She did not even want to admit that she missed her husband at first. "At first I missed myself, but I got stuck with the kids, but then I started missing." I said, "I'm in love with him for the second time," she said,

She remembers a lot about shooting. "She gave me a lot of money, made my thoughts and self-awareness, and the design of the figure of a woman so depressingly depended on me, and I went very much for the horns of the skin to look so bad. I'm not afraid to laugh," she said. Since then, she has lost several more pounds and has been following a very strict diet for a long time. "I'm leaving out certain things that add to thickness, I practice, I dance more," she added.

The spouses even boasted that people turned around behind them. "It's certainly nice, we see that the change is worth something," Vladimir said. Dana holds her husband. "I will always show my lady at work that she is mine," she laughed. But her husband is also jealous. "It's such a healthy jealousy, there are no scenes," Vladimir said.

Grandmother Michalek, whose husbands were worried about her daughter's place, was a great theme. Since shooting, relationships have been much improved. "We meet with my daughter – after a year and a half on a weekend visit, I took her to the rest of my family, worked, worked, organized my life, we were scared of the small reactions, but we managed to accept her as aunt." The daughter also accepted , in the way she had nothing else, and I think it would be better and better with her, "Dana said. But Misha is ready to tell the truth once." Sometimes the environment is bad, so let's get it from others, before what she learns from others, "she added.

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