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Inglourious Scare Diabetes: Many people do not even know about their illness at all! Where to test?


Measurement of sugar levels takes only a few minutes. Approximately 92% of diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes, which in most cases can be avoided. Measuring blood sugar levels can be easily done every few minutes in selected pharmacies.

Diabetes comes slowly and inconspicuously

Diabetes comes slowly and imprecisely, the patient often does not need to record. Perhaps due to slow progression of diabetes, one third of potential patients in the Czech Republic do not know about their illness. Diabetes-related diseases are the sixth most common cause of death in the world. The most common is cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Diabetics are also at risk of blindness or loss of limbs.

Watch the blood pressure

High blood pressure in patients with diabetes significantly increases the risk of vascular complications. In order to reduce blood pressure, it is recommended to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle. "A healthy lifestyle helps reduce blood pressure, but the vast majority of patients have to cure at the same time. Achieving satisfactory blood pressure control is a prerequisite for success in preventing or delaying cardiac and cardiac diseases that occur regularly in diabetics, adds Cardiologist Michal Vrablik.

Control pressure from the comfort of the home

Unfortunately, blood pressure is adequately controlled by about one-third of patients. The ideal solution is home blood pressure control (the so-called self-diagnosis). This must be done in accordance with clear rules and right, otherwise the results may be more stressful to the patient. This is a prerequisite for using high quality pressure gauges, ideally equipped Intelli Cuff, which is easy to use and can rely on measurement results.

Let's be tested!

Some pharmacies can also be tested. How's it going? Measurement can be done by anyone under the supervision of a pharmacist. "The patient holds his finger, creates a drop of blood, comes to the test strip, and the pharmacist's results will be written to the patient and explained to the patient." It takes a few minutes " explains PharmDr. Ivana Lanova, head of BENU Pharmacy in Mlada Boleslav, adds that only a diagnostician can determine the diagnosis. Citizens in Prague can start on Wednesday 14.11. from 10 am to 5 pm on Karlovo namesti, where you will see signs of diabetes at the entrance to the metro.

Who is most at risk?

➤ overweight, and above all those of more people ➤ People whose diabetes has already happened

Warning signs

➤ high blood pressure ➤ hand ligament ➤ blurred vision ➤ periodontitis ➤ coordination and balance of the problem ➤ fatigue

Video: Every eighth person in the Czech Republic has diabetes

Every eight people in the Czech Republic have diabetes Andrea Ulag, Aleš Brunclik

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