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Jablonec striker Dolezal: The injury is hurt, the European League is a summit


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"Every injury hurts me, but it made me worse than I rejoiced in the European League matches, because I have the most career and most of the boys in Jablonec. Fortunately, I have won and I hope that the remaining three games will be played" says Martin Doležal, a 28-year-old Jablonec striker, who should not be missing in the Astana stadium on Thursday.

The Jablonec expedition took place in Kazakstan on Tuesday evening.

You took your ligament in Reno and you jumped first five weeks later in the derby against Liberec. Is this the planned treatment time?
After diagnosis, the doctor told me that I had to start something after six weeks. Luckily, I was soon hurried, so we agreed to try it a little earlier. She did not hurt me, and gradually I got involved in full training. So I was glad that the return went faster than expected.

Astana – Jablonec

Watch on Thursday at 16.50 online.

The injuries came when you were the best Jablonec shooter, did you wonder how the midfielder, headed by Lavn, represented you?
Maybe they did not have to focus solely on me, but they were going to the end … (laughs). However, it made a great move, so it is obvious that Cuba Považanec had a great chance to attack on the wing and that he managed to continue the decision. And Grass (Lavn) also has a good shot, he moved a little more to the top and went to the end, which was great enough. And Maso (Masopust) finally started to turn. It's so sad that the guys from the backup copy got in good shape and it's good to shoot them, because their opponents do not know exactly who they will be preparing for.

We go to the European League, after three games you have two points, how do you rate?
We played with Salzburg in Austria for a year, we got a load and maybe we were a little scared at the start of the European League and I did not know what to expect. But in the end, we convinced not only ourselves, but also the audience that we can play that football. Unfortunately, these good performances did not bring more points. The group is only halfway and I am convinced that there is not much left and the move can still be played.

With Astan, at home, did you draw, what are you waiting in Kazakhstan?
In the second half of the year, they seemed to have little chances to play, and they only wanted to defend the point they arrived for. But at their stadium in front of their fans, they will definitely play differently and this will be a very different match.

And because it is played on artificial grass?
I do not think we should limit it because we know well in Jablonec. In Astana, they have a special one, I can play in needles, but we have two trainings to get used to it.

But there will be no restrictions on the absence of wounded high school students Masopust with Acosta, is that correct?
This is certainly a big complication. Mostly meat now belongs to our key players, we will see how the coach is trying and how we compare him.

In Astana you landed for five and a half hours, is your record and how did you do it?
No, we spent about six hours on our vacation in Dubai, but I do not have to take these long flights for about two hours. Fortunately, the flight to Astana was fine and I survived better than I expected. Maybe he'll be back.

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