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Jana Fabinov: A psychiatrist sexually assaulted me during the operation


The daughter of singer and actress Nada Urbnkov, Jana Fabinov, finished high school. She studied German for two years at the Faculty of Arts, and for two years at the Hussite Theological Faculty. She graduated when she became Discovery TV Nova esk slavk in 2003.

She has released two pop and three jazz albums. Lta has performed in theaters (eg Semafor, Kalic, Nrodn divadlo, Nrodn divadlo moravskoslezsk) and has regularly performed with her jazz band The Jazz Appeal. As a public proposal, she created three collections

In 2011, she decided to try out the award. She flew to Los Angeles, where she stayed for seven years, living with singing and acting in theater and film. With the music project The Infinite Seas, she won several awards and became a member of the American Grammy with the right to vote, which is a very prestigious place.

However, it is not unusual for Jana Fabinov, who also broke through at the international competition, to be overwhelmed with gossip about the basic round, both from the association and from some teachers. I realized how famous my mother was when I started going cycling, Fabinov describes in the new arc of the 13th room.

And I didn’t want to, I was in sight and he laughed at me. When I didn’t get anything on the bike or I had a bad grade, everyone laughed at me. On the contrary, when I did something on time, they told me to fuck it. Several classmates followed me, k.

Jana Fabinov: You are talking about my mother, we are changing roles

They threw and took my things, they ran me on a bicycle at night, they threw my clothes out the window. Very often I grew up and suffered as a child. I went on a bicycle, my stomach hurt under stress, I remember the singer with the fact that the icon also started from the teacher. They humiliated me all the time before the whole week, like the daughter of three Urbankovs.

She also fought with her child’s sticker during the arrest of Saint Carri. And so her personal life was complicated. She gave birth to a divorce and went abroad to see her mother’s then husband, who never took her. He took it like a bird and made it a patina.

Jana Fabi

Jana Fabinov with mother Naa Urbnkova (June 2019)

He really didn’t like him. He didn’t give me a name. He addressed me like a bastard, bastard. And in front of mom. When they met, he frowned and excited me. When I saw him for the first time, I looked at him, everything in me was terrible, describes Fabinov.

That is how her mother Naa Urbnkov does not remember her ex-partner in good shape today. He, with whom Jana and I were in Spain at the time, is not here. I hope he’s in hell. Having inflicted great pain and shame, k.

Naa Urbnkov is clear: a hunter should see the world with real glasses

At the age of eighteen, Fabinov moved from Hungary to the Czech Republic, where she began working. She married at the age of twenty. The mistake I made was that I got married too soon. He was, among other things, the first to marry him. I don’t think any of us were completely ready for marriage at that time, so after all these years, the divorce ended, he remembers.

The moment of separation was devastating for her. He knocked her to her knees and took her to a psychiatric clinic. But it didn’t help her there, the psychiatrist sexually assaulted me in the second session. In your office. He used it. He rubbed my head and tried to mutter. I separated from him and ran away. It was a big blow to my backyard. In the system, in medicine and in mue, piznv Jana Fabinov.

Jana Fabi

After this experience, she went to Los Angeles, USA, where she lived singing and playing. Dal lska j so nezla. She ended up in a relationship with a manipulator. He wrapped him in a very spit-out web of good will, manipulation, attachment, humiliation and the gradual weakening of social relations.

Jana Fabinov returns to the platoon of Ivch traffic lights

It was a short and intense relationship. The hunter connected me to me. The song knew what I could do and what I needed. After a few weeks, he started to turn around and suddenly everything bothered him. eil where I go, because there I go, what mm for myself, how I look. One-hour dominance, throws, accusations, tricks and manipulations followed. I contacted a therapist. he told me, and the hunter immediately took refuge in it. The situation escalated by the time he had a table above the kitchen with me. I had a pillar about an inch from the artery in my neck. I was afraid for life, for the singer.

Mentally, Jana Fabinov has reached the bottom several times in her life. But she managed to get rid of the role of victim. Until recently, she was a singer in Prague with an American of Indian descent, musician Dean Boss. They met in 2016, they met last year. The daughter of Urbanko’s bag then stated that the wedding will take place in the spring of 2021.

Dino also decided to postpone our wedding due to several tragedies that befell our family in 2020, she said at the time. The bag and the fiancé were divided after this announcement.

At the time of the covids, Jana Fabinov met Ivan, who lives in Australia, on Instagram. We have eight msc online together. And we didn’t see each other in person. It is a special time, the singer adds. With a new partner, daily, then video calls are needed. See you in person and fly to the first meeting.

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