Wednesday , February 8 2023

Post does not have people before Christmas. Some gifts will not be able to deliver


Christmas is approaching, and Czech post offices and private delivery companies are preparing for the heat of the year. The problem, however, is that they are missing thousands of bandits who are not currently on the market. So, if the situation does not change, and we do not order gifts in advance, they are in danger of not coming at all.

Many people have Christmas purchases in the last minute. But it may be that their loved ones do not break anything under the tree. If they buy from abroad, mail or other companies may not be able to deliver the package on time.

Mail is trying to improve services, but that people are a problem. "We should need about 5,000 in the course of Christmas traffic, thanks to the employment campaign, we managed to get half," said Czech Post's spokesman Ivo Visoudil.

Private companies are also looking for thousands of assistants. The board is simple – you should order your gifts in advance.

"Of course, we recommend that customers order goods as soon as possible, we are preparing for the whole year and this year we receive more than 2500 seasonal workers, we take so many employees to ensure that our customers have gifts on time," says PR manager Amazon Miroslav Jozo .

People are increasingly buying goods from abroad, for example, planes from China are increasingly landing at Vaclav Havel Airport. "A passenger plane from China, which was then added to the airport in Prague, is growing, for example, in the period January-September this year, compared to the same period last year, increased by seven percent," said spokesman Roman Pacvon.

Over this year, more than 350 aircraft arrived from Beijing and other Chinese cities, bringing travelers and goods. Last year, the aircraft transported more than 125 thousand tons of freight from abroad.

However, when ordering goods, for example, from China, you must expect some packages to pay an additional obligation and VAT. Goods can unexpectedly cost a lot.

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