Saturday , June 3 2023

Prince, who is not yet king. Charles celebrates seventy and promises to change – CT24 – Czech television


In a television documentary published by the BBC last week on the upcoming birthday of Charles, the heir to the throne was convinced that he would not lead as ruler as a sovereign, and certainly would not exceed the limits set by the constitution. "I'm not that stupid," he convinced him.

He responded to numerous fears (according to sources from the royal family, he and Elizabeth II were) that Charles would not be able to re-appear as a neutral sovereign as the king.

The prince, however, told his critics that he was well aware of the fact that the roles of the rulers and heirs of the throne are completely different. "You can not act as sovereign if you are Prince Wales or another successor." The idea that as soon as I am on the throne, I will continue as it is now, it is completely absurd. "Both situations are diametrically different," he said unusually open in the television document.

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