Sunday , April 2 2023

Schick could replace Velkec in Arsenal


With something wild, but for the Czech fans, interesting speculation came from the English daily Daili Star. Arsenal's management, considered to be the deputy striker Danny Welbeck, is considered to be the Czech Patrick Schick from AS from Rome. Aaron Ramsey should play his role in the entire transaction.

Velshman Ramsey can leave Arsenal after the season, as his contract ends. And from the management of the club was supposed to hear that another offer of a new contract would no longer be. Ramsey is the longest player in the current team. He spent more than a decade at the club and played over 300 games.

However, according to "Daili Star", Arsenal officials will try to resolve the situation so they still have something in Ramsei. In particular, they plan to replace Welsh in January for Czech striker Patrick Sick.

As the letter correctly pointed out for numerous wounds, Shik still awaits a lot of games in AS Roma. According to the Italian media, the Roman club even thinks about sending it only because of gaming in January.

Arsenal would be sentenced in the offense, because in the European League against the Sporting League, Lisbon lost Danny Velbeck. He seriously injured his wrist and threatened to lose the rest of the season.

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