Sunday , October 2 2022

Slavia – Code 0: 0, Stela active Stoch, otherwise it fights without ankle


The Finnish court Gestranius terminates FC Code and Slvist.

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Michal ula,

The juniper did not let them go, so they did not create their own head. The free hit of the Copenhagen Slavic duo is the answer to the match, and it will not be remembered for the European League.

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Slivist managed to make a mistake that had not been played for a year, accumulating one point. In the meantime, a direct group C has been established and the first two positions will be sufficient for the fight until the last moment.

Bordeaux's quota was the theoretical hope for the match, which was exactly played against St. Petersburg 1: 1.

In Eden, this was similar to two days ago in the battle of Dnsk Urputn. dn hezk podvan.


We watched the minute in a few minutes.

Fighting, slip, hard pace, bad combinations, balloons. The brilliant knitted fabric did not have a minute or nine minutes.

The code did not even beat Brno against Slavia, but Glan Kol's house disappeared.

And, not Stocha, slvistickho ostelova, would also hit Andersen's guest.

The Swist was too active. but they are frustrated by inexperience. There were several corners before the pockets, but the Kodan giants were slipping their centered balloons.

That's why it was the 11th minute Cattle carrier. In the end, he came out of the field and the opponent protil, he repeated the situation after the standard situation.

Stoch was one of the most active players in the field. Below the balloon, you came. He walked calmly to the plate and with two straw in his nose: Do not touch me.

In the match of the opposing goal, he managed to get behind, but Andersen caught me.

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