Thursday , February 9 2023

The court deals with possible sale with votes in the elections in Bilina –


According to the complainant, Pavel Musil from the Independent in Bilina, HNHRM (Movement Independent for the harmonious development of municipalities and cities), some polling stations in Bilina were not well secured. Apparently, the vote was bought, especially at the polling station, which excluded the place.

"A member of the Election Commission censored the voters if they found out the other party, giving them new tickets," Musil said in court.

People should be paid

On Monday, the court delivered 11 videos, which said they were given 300 or 400 kroner if they voted for a particular party. In some cases, this should be the case with the DA, as well as the Social Democrats and White House Independents who ended up at the IES in the election of others. "Here, they gave money, they gave me a 400 and a box of numbers of 6," said one of the people on the tape.

In court, the parties decided on the credibility of these witnesses. The court also read a police statement that is still investigating elections in Bina. For example, the police dealt with a commission announcement from a polling station where two women came to ask whether they would get the money to vote.

A lawyer from the Social Democrats and Independent Persons from the White House has asked for a rejection of a petition to annul the election and no illegality has been shown. The court will decide on Wednesday.

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