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The first train was tested for the longest railway tunnel in the Czech Republic


"On Friday, there will be all express, fast and fast trains," said Pistorius. Passenger trains will begin to pass through the line until December 8, when the lock is locked and the transport between Pilsen Central Station and Rokicani bus is replaced.

The new part of the track is part of the modernization III. the railway transit corridor from Prague to Cheba. "Testing is allowed until December 31, 2019. Due to the complexity of the inspection process, the inspections expanded over two days – the first part was reviewed on Tuesday, November 13, the second part was considered on Thursday," Novak said. Northern Tubus is still awaiting final review.

The northern tunnel will start freight trains on December 7, the day after the passenger train and December 9, the day of the new schedule, all trains will be there.

The railway manager prepares a super-tunnel between Praga Smysova and Beruna

From the new graphics, the fast speed of 160 kilometers per hour would have the Pilsen-Rokicani route in 11 minutes, which is nine minutes less than here and twice as fast as the fastest bus. The journey time between Pilsen and Prague was reduced by an hour and 20 minutes. It will be faster than the bus from Pilsen to Prague-Florence and from Pilsen to Zlín in Prague and underground to the city center. The road between Rokicani and Pilsen, which has been reduced by six kilometers to 14 kilometers, should use more people towards the representatives of both ends of the city.

The excavation of the southern tube at a length of 4150 meters began in Kisitsus in February 2015 and ended in Pilsen in June 2016. On the northern pipe, the shield began operating in September 2016 and ending last October. Railways in the tunnel are located in separate panels, allowing passers-by rescue. The pavers run waterways, under which cables and dry walls are in case of fire.

At III. corridors have already been completed parts of Pilsen-Cheb, Beroun-Zbiroh, Zbiroh-Rokicani, Rokicani-Pilsen and Pilsen Passage. In the end, the new line Beroun – Prague with a two-year tunnel Beroun is being prepared. The journey from Prague to Pilsen is about 45 minutes to complete the entire route.

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