Saturday , June 3 2023

The fruit of an apple is a record, but it does not spill


Apple's roots can be shot this year, but they are not broken, they were poor and poor because of the dry leton. Purchase prices fell on estin.

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The fruit of apples this year, according to fruits and olives, was not a loser. However, due to dry lime, apples are either damaged. That's why the price of buying apricot has a lot of fruits. Last year he bought a kilo apple for crowns. "This is the crown crown this year, ipod crown," said Ji Wojk, fruit producer from Makaka, for a radio show. Though you have a lot of fools to open people to make apples pleasurable, they themselves pay taxes. Paychecks do not pay them. The types of apple trees could have been bt and opoline cheaper last year.

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