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Vaccination against influenza in the elderly significantly reduces the risk of death. However, only 20% of them are protected


Czech Republic – More than 2 million people over 65 live in the Czech Republic.1 Everyone is entitled to free flu vaccination. The older members of the so-called Risk groups of the population because they are in danger of serious illness and other complications.2 People older than 65 years have up to 60 times more likelihood of dying and generally make the category most affected by influenza.3a Vaccination is the only prevention that effectively protects the grip, alleviates the course of the disease and can prevent deadly consequences. However, only about 20% of the elderly are 65+ in the Czech Republic.4a

A total of 75-90% of people
over 65 years of age for the effects of the flu.3b, 5a"The cause of death is not just disease, but other health problems
complications that can be caused by flu. Age is connected
physiological changes – in addition to metabolism, muscle mass or function, and
The tissue morphology also changes the immune system, which in turn leads to a decrease
resistance to various infections, including influenza, "
says MUDr. Zdenek Jagrva, Director
Prague's hygiene station against the epidemic.

Danger of illness
the flu is increasing in the elderly in connection with chronic diseases, which is
Older people are often found. Experts say one or more diseases at the same time
It suffers from over 90% of people over 70 years of age. Statistics show that up to 3/4 people
in a 65-year-old age group, she is suffering from heart and blood vessel disease, half increased
blood pressure, 37% ischemic heart disease.6 One more common
The problem is diabetes, which affects up to 20% of the elderly. She
the danger in older years lies in the fact that it can manifest itself
atypical and non-specific symptoms.7 Age is a risk factor
also related to pneumonia (lung), the presence of which is affected
Immunological defense reduces, especially after 65 years.5b

Influenza in chronic ill patients – double pistol

"The cooling of flu in chronically ill patients is double. Individual chronic
diseases increase the risk of influenza, influenza also significantly contributes
worsening of the current state of health. However, this is considerably underestimated, not only
among the elderly, but in the Czech Republic in general "
warns us MUDr. Zdenek Jagrva. Czech Republic
is only at the level of 5-6%3c, between the elderly then about 20%4b.
Both the World Health Organization and the European Institutions recommend vaccination
seniors at a level of at least 75%.3d Seniors are in the Czech Republic
The Republic as a risk group has the right to free flu vaccination. Totally
This vaccine Tetra four-day vaccine is also covered
from the last season in the Czech market. Compared to the previous three-sided walls
Vaccines operate against four circulating strains of influenza (two strains A and
two soda B) and provides even more protection.


Advantages of vaccination are confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It follows that, in addition to direct action, vaccination also has a secondary role in the prevention of complications, hospitalization and fatalities. As for the elderly, elderly people living outside hospital centers contribute to a reduction in hospitalization of 30-70% due to lung and flu. For elderly people living in care institutions, vaccinations achieve 50-60% efficiency in preventing hospitalization or pneumonia and up to 80% effective in preventing death.8 In practice, this means that the vaccinated tall can become ill, but it is a disease, and the non-vaccinated is significantly less susceptible to life.

Mgr. Katerina Jichova,

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