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3 signs of diabetes


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Posted: 13/11/2018 Amman Time – Jerusalem

3 signs of diabetes

3 signs of diabetes

Some early signs suggest that the risk of developing diabetes, which is caused by pancreatic dysfunction, can be detected when it does not produce enough insulin. The first sign of insulin resistance in the body is the appearance of dark color around the neck, which means that the body has become insulin-resistant. In other words, the rate of sugar in the body is too high. The second sign is a bad look. If you have trouble reading street signs, because fluctuations in fluid levels that lead to eye inflation, the reason for high blood sugar levels.

Although late stage diabetes can cause permanent eye damage or retinopathy, a poor vision of the early stages of the disease can be reversible. The third sign is the length of time that the body needs to recover from the wound. Those with higher rates of sugar do not cure their wounds quickly. High blood sugar reduces the amount of oxygen that is sent for wound healing, which reduces the immune system and slows the healing process.

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