Monday , March 20 2023

700 kg of rotting meat and poultry in Kafr El Sheikh


The Five-Year Committee of the Hamul Center in Kafr El-Sheikh has prepared 700 kg of meat, poultry and food unfit for human consumption, and has released 98 different dossiers in co-operation with the Consumer Protection Agency during the joint campaign by Al Hamoul Center and the local unit of the city. Kafr El -Sheikh's governor's mandate.

The committee was formed by Maduli Aida, head of the city center, by the Hamuli Center and the local unit of the city. Among the legal issues were Director of Animal Health Administration, Director of Hamulus Care, Director of Environmental Protection at the Local Unit and Police Representative.

The committee carried 359 kilograms of meat, poultry and poultry products, 225 kg unsuitable for human consumption, 109 kg of vegetables and rotten fruits and 58 samples of food and sent it to the Kafr El Sheikh Regional Laboratory for analysis. Supply, 63 Health Record, 7 presentation environments.

The governor of Kafr El-Sheikh thanked the campaign to strengthen the market surveillance role in reviewing the quality and validity of food and consumer goods, respecting prices and reporting in shops at light locations, and announcements to monopoly traders.

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