Sunday , November 28 2021

A patient who attacks the doctor for beating and is admitted to intensive care with pulmonary embolism


The general union of doctors said on Sunday that dr. Imad Saied Mohammed, an internist at the Bulak El Dakrour General Hospital in the reception department, attacked Sunday morning. .

The union added, in a statement: Suddenly, the patient was ill and beaten a doctor, causing wounds to his face and keeping his body and suffered some sugar, where the doctor suffers from diabetes and is currently in intensive care at the hospital .

The Boulak El Dakrour Hospital was released as a patient with the patient and his family, while the injured doctor released a report with the 41669 Boulak El Dakrour offense .

The medical union immediately moved to Giza and sent trade union lawyers to attend the doctor and monitor the record.

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