Sunday , January 29 2023

Al-Jarvan proposes the establishment of a body to monitor refugee affairs in the Arab region


A consultative meeting of the Executive Office of the Forum of Arab Specialized Federations, sponsored by the League of Arab States, was held on Thursday, October 14, 2021, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo.

This was chaired by Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarvan, Head of the Forum Executive Office, President of the General Union of Arab Experts, and attended by Wissam Fattouh, Deputy Head of the Forum Executive Office, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States. Plenipotentiary Minister Mohamed Khair Abdel Kader, in the presence of the Chiefs, Secretaries and Representatives of the members of the Executive Office.

Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, head of the Forum’s Executive Office, said in a statement on Friday that a number of important topics on the agenda were discussed at the meeting, including proposals received regarding the establishment of a specialized Arab Federation Fund and consideration of criteria and controls for accession of members to the Forum of Arab Federations. specialized quality, as well as the establishment of the necessary committees to organize the work of the Executive Office and activate its work mechanisms.

The topic of logo and website design for the Forum of Specialized Arab Federations was also raised, and a concept will be presented in this regard.

The statement states that the head of the Executive Office submitted a proposal for the establishment of entities or bodies for monitoring refugee affairs in the Arab region, and it was agreed to present a concept that clarifies the idea of ​​this proposal and to discuss it at upcoming meetings of the Executive Office.

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