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Arab women "know the benefits of taking honey daily"


Dear women who have many benefits to honey are countless and famous people since ancient times, where it was the favorite food for all people and all the ages and benefits of honey:

1) It is a high-value food that uses food for children and adults, does not stay in the stomach while it digests quickly and quickly absorbs into the lymphatic system to get blood.
2) Honey replaces burns consumed by physical or mental effort of a person.
3) It has been proven that the honey works on strengthening the heart, because glucose has a clear impact on the heart muscles, compensates for what loses due to its constant work and increases strength and persistence.
4) Honey has an effective role in regulating blood pressure and increasing the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.
6) Honey is the perfect food for increasing power and energy when playing sports and swimming, so it is recommended that you take among your athletes because of its many benefits.
7) Honey is one of the best types of sweet in children, and sweetly preserves a small amount of protein that also contains many types of mineral substances that at the same time represent disinfection of the gut and soft and nervous.
8) Honey plays a key role in the growth and protection of teeth.
9) During play plays an important role in the prevention of many different diseases and finally reveals the substance (prostaglandin) in the honey, important material plays a vital role in the prevention of many diseases, and the disadvantage can lead to the appearance of various diseases.

9 Honey treated diseases:
Since ancient times it has been used in the treatment of many diseases. Modern medicine has shown that the honey plays an important role in the treatment:
1) Disorders of the digestive system where the honey is working to eliminate excess acidity in the stomach, often leads to ulcers and which have been used by many healing honey in the treatment of stomach and duodenum ulcers.
2) Honey has been shown to have a strong effect of liver disease because it contains glucose, which increases the amount of sugar in the liver and activates the tissue representation process.
3) used honey in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system has shown medical results since ancient times used during treatment of insomnia.
4) Useful honey in the treatment of eyelid and cornea inflammation and ulceration.
5) It has been proven from many experiments that diabetics reduce the share of blood sugar becoming healthy if they eat honey and because of the presence of an oxidizing substance makes the presentation of sugar lighter in the body does not show a high percentage of blood.
Honey has proved to be quite useful if diabetes is not due to lack of insulin, but because of the difficulty of alerting blood-producing cells.
6) The researchers found that one of the fatty acids in the honey stopped the division of the active cells, so this material is an anti-cancer agent, where the activity of several cell carcinoma is interrupted.
7) Honey is similar to antibiotics because it has the ability to exterminate a lot of microbes, viruses and fungi.
8) Use honey in the treatment of many different skin diseases.
9) Honey benefits in the treatment of many cases of children such as:

– Increase the weight of vulnerable children.
– Preventing many diseases that usually affect children.
– An important treatment for a range of diseases of children such as gastroenteritis and disintegration.
– Improve blood hemoglobin.
– Helps to prevent unwanted urination in the bed.

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