Thursday , September 29 2022

Awareness of the seriousness of water management safety is provided by five consumers


Mohamed Saad Saad Tamraz, Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture at the House of Representatives, the speech of President Sisi of the final World Youth Forum and his recommendation for the work of propaganda campaigns at all levels at the regional and international level to raise awareness about the seriousness of the water issue is very important

Tamraz said in a press release Wednesday night that this point is very important and must be implemented and controlled, emphasizing that about 20% of them are aware of the use of water.

A member of the Committee on Agriculture said that, after increasing the number of inhabitants, it extensively cultivates land cultivation and, consequently, makes significant use of water, so it is important to talk about this point.

In her closing remarks, President Sisi recommended youth centers for young people in Sharm el-Sheikh to run Egyptian state authorities to coordinate with the Forum's leadership to conduct a propaganda campaign at all levels at the regional and international levels in order to raise awareness of seriousness water management issues.

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