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Does the sharp dust cause a crisis? .. 5 steps to remove UFOs know this


Increasing dust and sand storm as a result of changes in the air can affect the eyes and expose to inflammation and redness due to the entry of dust and foreign objects, but some may ignore these things, but later cause health problems by offering a site (es.vikihov) a few steps to remove foreign objects in the eye:

– Wash your hands first before touching the eye to avoid the risk of any other problems, as they contain a large amount of dust and bacteria, wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to ensure the transmission of bacteria.

Cleans dust

Cleans dust

– Clean your eyes with cold water, put a little water in the ديد and put it in your eyes several times, which helps in removing particles of dust that is stuck in the eye.

– If it is not pulled out, it is possible to locate the presence of a strange object in the eye and move from left to right and from top to bottom to appear and any search and pull light can be used.



– Lower the sterilization of the eyes at intervals, as it helps to remove dust particles and the flow of tears.

– Take a piece of cotton and immerse in warm water, and then clean it on the sides of the eye to remove dust particles accumulated in the eyes.

– If it does not get removed, consult your doctor immediately, which can lead to health problems.

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