Sunday , January 29 2023

Egyptian actress Rahma Hassan: “I will give my right in my own way.”


Egyptian actress Rahma Hassan:

Egyptian artist and the Union of Representative Professions, Ashraf Zaki, revealed that “artist Rahma Hassan is not a member of the Union of Representative Professions”, noting that she refused the union’s intervention to solve her problem with producer Hani Osama.


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In television statements, Ashraf Zaki said: “I talked to her, she is above all respect and appreciation, and she is not a member of the union … I told her, Professor Rahma, that issues are not managed through Facebook, you have a problem with filing a complaint union, “noting that she responded. He should say, “No … I will not appeal to the union. I am not a member of the union, I will take my right in my own way, I am a mail writer and I will not collect it unless this man pays the money he owes him.”

Rahma Hassan claimed that producer Hani Osama “was deceived in the amount of money for more than a year”.

And on her Instagram account, she said: “Good morning, I like to say that I have 40,000 pounds in Hani Osama’s product from 2018 and everything I talk to says that I have no money.”

Source: “Al-Masri Al-Ioum”

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