Wednesday , December 8 2021

Implementation of a campaign against violence against women in Gharbia of 16 days


Major General Hisham al-Said, governor of al-Gharbi, approved a 16-day campaign
Against Violence Against Women), from November 25 to December 10, 2018 in the province

This comes as part of the implementation of the "Egypt 2030" strategy, which was launched under the leadership
President Abdelfatah Sisia in 2017, who seeks to develop support mechanisms
And activities that promote the role of women in society and their positive participation in the process of development
And the realization of the principle of equal opportunities, and aims to empower women in their four axes (empowerment)
Political, social empowerment, economic empowerment and protection

A newly created Equal Opportunities Unit is located in the governor's headquarters
Carry out a campaign, which includes holding directors for social solidarity, culture and youth
And sports seminars at county level to raise awareness of the importance of women and make half
Society can not execute any form of violence against them.

During the campaign day, the Directorate for Youth and Sports is training girls for defense
For yourself against maltreatment of young centers through sports games, as well as the Directorate
Social solidarity Study of various forms of violence against women according to the nature of the city (rural
– attended) developing appropriate solutions for them, as well as training courses for working women
In the General Directorate and local units in information centers for computer training
And the Internet to ensure that their children learn about values, principles, respect for women and the distance from violence

In the same context, Major-General Hisham al-Said, Governor of the Western Province
Provide all means of supporting the success of this campaign at the provincial level because of its importance in the region
Addressing violence against women, emphasizing that women are key partners in building and developing society

The United Nations General Assembly is scheduled for November 25
"International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women" and 16 Days of Fight against Violence against Women
Women are the United Nations global campaign in 1991 to combat all forms of violence
Violence against women and girls around the world ends on Dec. 10 a day
The human rights and color of the campaign are an orange expression of hope for access
In the future, the future without violence

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