Wednesday , July 6 2022

Magda El Roumi's Terms Before Her Concert With "Arabic Music" – Mahmoud Ibrahim


Artist Majid Al Roumi welcomes the closing ceremony of the Arab music festival, scheduled for the 12th in the Egyptian Opera, after a long absence.

Al-Roumi arrived in Cairo two days ago and has not left her place until yesterday, where she went to make her first "evidence" of her forthcoming concert headed by Maestro Nader Abassi.

Al-Nahar learned that Al-Roumi set special conditions before the ceremony, including conducting daily rehearsals in the planned halls until the day before the ceremony, preventing everyone from leaving the orchestra.

Al-Roumi also requested a press conference before the ceremony, so no media or journalists would ask for private conversations.

Rumi's last performance was about 10 years ago in "Arabic music".

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