Tuesday , September 27 2022

Maran Al Ahli II in Tunisia. The presence of the masses and meeting with Coulibaly and the bruise warrior


The Al Ahli team finished their second game in Tunisia in preparation for a match against Esperance in the final of the African League.

According to the official newsletter of the National Club, Marran attended the presence of a large number of fans traveling from Egypt to support the team, along with the number of members of the Egyptian community in Tunisia, and supporters wanted to provide support to technical staff and supporters.

Patrice Cartieron, manager of the Al Ahli club, held the session a few minutes before the match, with Salif Coulibali, the team's defense counsel, and a brief meeting with members of his assistant.

Mustafa Kemal, the goalkeeper coach, is dedicated to the full paragraph at the beginning of the match to train against any positions that might arise during the match for the trio Mohammed Al Shennavi, Sherif Ekrami and Ali Lutfi.

The center's left center center, Islam Khabar, suffered a small bruise during a match due to a common ball. Dr. Khaled Mahmoud, a team doctor, immediately entered the hospital to examine players who then returned to finish the race naturally.

Al Ahli played a strong ball during the match and Carteron wanted to scrutinize many aspects of the match and prepare it until the division saw the strong performance of all players.

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