Friday , June 2 2023

Ministers issue a decision to establish a permanent High Committee on Human Rights


Prime Minister dr. Mustafa Medbuli issued a decree establishing a permanent Supreme Human Rights Committee to administer a mechanism for resolving the human rights record and responding to allegations made against Egypt on human rights.

According to the decree, which published an official newspaper on Wednesday, it was headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or his representative, as well as a member of the representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Social Solidarity, Justice, House of Representatives and Internal Affairs, the General Intelligence Service, the Steering Committee for Control, Women's Rights, National Council for Children and Maternity, For Disability Affairs, Public Information Directorate and Public Prosecution, provided they are no less than an excellent class or equivalent.

The Committee deals with a number of tasks, including the development of a national human rights strategy and action plans to be implemented by the respective authorities and accompanying them, formulate a unique Egyptian vision expressed at international and regional forums and monitor the implementation of an action plan to support and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Committee is also responsible for accompanying the implementation of Egyptian international obligations arising from the provisions of the relevant conventions and protocols, proposing the necessary legislative measures and procedures and monitoring the measures taken to implement them. It will also oversee, investigate and resolve human rights issues in Egypt, set up internationally, and communicate with the respective authorities for dissemination and dissemination.

The Committee is also responsible for the preparation of the Egyptian file, presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in the Universal Periodic Review, and monitors the implementation of the recommendations accepted by Egypt as part of the periodic review process and proposed solutions for their implementation.

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