Thursday , June 1 2023

Mohamed Kamel visits the Ismaili Club


Mohammed Kamel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sports Presence Company, visited Ismaili Club and met with Eng. Ibrahim Osman, President of the Al Darwish Palace.

Visit to Muhamed Kamel Club Ismaili comes in the tour and several visits to the public and public clubs to listen to the problems of these clubs and contribute to their resolution, because the presentation company is a advertising partner and official sponsor of all Egyptian football clubs and the Football Federation.

The president of the company held a long-standing session with Eng. Ibrahim Osman, during which some things were agreed for their implementation and help the Ismaili club in the upcoming period as a sponsor of the club. The visit will be followed by several more visits to popular and popular clubs in Egyptian football.

Chief Ismaili thanked Mohammed Kamel after his company informed him to remove the ball player's clothes in order to become the best image and size of the Darwish castle.

Mohammed Kamel and Ibrahim Osman

Mohammed Camel visits the Ismaili Club

Ismaili 3

Ismaili 4

Mohammed Kamel and Ibrahim Osman

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