Saturday , June 3 2023

Pictures The art of "Oriental people" is a reputation for Sinai


The general authority for the Cultural Palace organized Wednesday an artistic performance by the Eastern Folklore Ensemble led by artist Ahmed Vassef in the Al-Tur Culture Culture Theater of the Southern Sinai film.

The band presented a series of dance faucets, including "Al Farah Al Sharkavi, Skirt and Candlestick", next to horse dance, which is a special track of a band known internationally.

The ceremony was attended by Major General Nader Ashmawi, Assistant Secretary-General of the Governor, Accountant Favzi Hammam, Head of the Town of Tur and a gathering of executive and popular leaders and people in Sinai.

The folk ensemble Al-Sharkia celebrates its 50th anniversary this year in 1968. The band is a permanent ambassador of Egyptian culture to international forums, and the last international participation was in India earlier this year.

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