Tuesday , May 30 2023

Prices of sweet candy on the market are stable


Hassan Fendi, a member of the Sugar and Sweets Division in the Food Industry Industry Federation of the Federation of Industry, confirmed the prices of the birthplace of sweets in local markets at a level recorded last year, pointing to a decline in local sugar prices.

He said that the price of glucose has been reduced, which is one of the main ingredients in the confectionery industry.

He added that there are many factors that influence prices, of which the most important are the prices in international markets, which are the driver of prices in the local market, in addition to operational and labor costs that have increased, but the low prices of sugar and glucose have caused a balance, did not affect Made product prices Made Simple are imported from abroad.

He pointed out that the reserves of sugar at safe borders are sufficient by February, indicating that our annual consumption of sugar amounts to about 3.2 million tons, of which 2.2 million tons as local production, the rest is imported raw and is repeated in Egypt after the end of the cod and beet season and through refinery factories.

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