Thursday , June 1 2023

Scientists come to unexpected tea use


Scientists find unexpected benefits of tea Our newspapers quote the beauty we announce Scientists come to unexpected tea use, scientists come to unexpected tea use. We sent our new visitors News today through our News News and start with the most prominent news, scientists are coming to unexpected tea use.

Australian scientists have analyzed data for a 23-year-old study involving 35,000 people who have benefited from new tea benefits.

Australian scientists have found that taking one cup of tea a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, says Live Science magazine.

According to a study involving participants, 12 thousand of them have a heart disease.

The meals were not lost to the study participants and found that feeding food containing about 500 milligrams of flavonoids protects against the onset and development of coronary heart disease, stroke and arterial disease.

According to scientists, the required amount of this article contains one glass of tea and advised scientists to quit smoking and alcohol, because they reverse the effectiveness of this substance in the body.

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