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Sexual stimulants cheat .. Market parallel and underground without censorship


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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – 6:11 p
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – 6:11 p

On Thursday night .. The smallest exit is sold for at least 8,000 pounds

Acer's social network is a fake doping dealer

38% of those who were in intensive care due to heart attacks were excessive use of sexual stimulants

Heba Kutb: Social pressure and extract the secrets of the beds for the reason of the bedroom

Head of Pharmacy Department: There is no underground for the production of doping and there are no restrictions on it

Secretary General of the Pharmaceutical Companies Union in Port Said: We do not have the right to judicial control to face the crisis

In a campaign led by cops recently accompanied by inspectors of the General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Inspection at a drug manufacturing plant without a license, more than 100,000 sexual stimulus packages were seized, not new, and the number is high in the absence of official statistics on the volume of commercial drugs entering the country in a legitimate way, What's wrong with what is being sold illegally, and the seriousness of it in the absence of drug control and health measures.

Head of the Department of Drugs in the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Dr Ali Auf confirms that there is an underground world for the production of sexual stimulus without a license and that this world is unknown and unclear. If these factories are engaged in commercial fraud, counterfeiting trademarks through printers or prints that support this illegal act, and placing these products that are produced far from the eyes of censorship, posing a serious threat to the public health of young people and all its users.

"Permanent mode"
Auf added that there is no clear size for this market or underground world of this trade and that it has become very popular lately. It became public trade, and marketing methods spread through social media, citing monitoring of its promoters, Workers in this sector without a license, because of their high public health threats to men and women.

The Head of the Pharmaceutical Industry Federation of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce stressed the importance and need of media awareness and strict control over all sales outlets for the sale and marketing of such products, in addition to tightened controls over the distribution points distributed to them.

"Drugs, not doping"
Dr. Hiba Kutb, a sexual health consultant, says that the exact name of these drug drugs is not the same as sexual stimulants, as some have promoted, noting that obsession with these products has created a parallel market and that ignorance of abuse and abuse in use has contributed to the continuation of this phenomenon .

She added that the parallel market for the production and marketing of these products without a license does not waste the state's rights in respect of taxes, licenses and others, but burdens the state with regard to the costs of treatment needed for those who are affected by the health of abuse of these products, pointing to the emergence of medical statistics nearly 10 years ago, found that 38% of those who were hospitalized in hospital intensive care units due to heart attacks were large-scale users, confirming that a patient with intensive care consumes a vast country during treatment.

Sexual counseling suggests that social pressures and the fear of discovering the secrets of sleeping rooms are the reasons why some couples deal with the brothers' relationship to challenge, to show their abilities to the extent that some young people rely on these products in "Night of Dahl".

"Thursday evening"
Dr. Hiba Kutb pointed out that the smallest sales space for the sale of these products sells just over 8,000 pounds every Thursday evening, noting that the psychological factor of couples and their health is the basis for establishing a successful marriage relationship and that these products do not create excitement or sexual desire, since the treatment of ED patients has become easy and there is no so-called sexual frost in women.

"Women can be exposed or depressed for some reason, and women are warned not to use what is being sold under the slogan of sexual stimulus," said a sexual health consultant.

"Sell by recipe"
Kutb stressed the need not to authorize the sale of these products, even if it is authorized, except through recipes, with severe penalties imposed on its manufacturers and promoters without permission, in addition to tightened controls and benefits from health units deployed in centers and villages in raising awareness. , And ensure the sexual integrity of young people.

"We do not have authority"
General Pharmacy Trade Union in the province of Port Said, dr. Ahmed Aliva, finds that pharmacists' trade unions have no right to judicial control to control these products, and that pharmacological control is only their property and is entitled to inspect and control violators, praising integrated coordination between the pharmaceutical inspection and the police, for the control of offenders and for the purification of the market falsified or anonymous products.

Al-Shorouk added that at least 10% of sexual stimuli are dirty or unknown. He stressed that there are no restrictions on the amount of unregistered sexual stimulants in the Ministry of Health, pointing to the danger of using the stimulus produced in what he described as "Those who act indiscriminately against censorship.

The Secretary General of the Pharmaceutical Companies Union in Port Said emphasized that the union has a guidance and guidance committee to educate pharmacists in order to play their proper role in society without falling under legal or trade union responsibility.

"Working in secret is haram"
Dr. Saif Rajab Kazamil, Dean of the Shanti University of the University of Tanty, said that the owners of these unlicensed factories have been banned because they work in secret and violate the rules and mechanisms set up by the state to establish such activities. Moving away from the eyes of censorship is banned from haraam, because the production of non-compliant products threatens the public health of its users.

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