Friday , June 2 2023

Sudan's president attends the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh on Tuesday


Ambassador Abdelmahmood Abdel Halim, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Permanent Representative of the Alliance of Arab States, Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, attends the World Youth Forum on 6 November to invite leaders, leaders, officials and with the participation of the youth representatives.

Ambassador Abdulmahmood Abdalhaleem said that he will discuss many of today's and urgent issues in the forum's meetings and workshops, in particular the structure of future leaders, the role of world leaders in creating peace, the sustainability of wars and conflicts, peace and the agenda. Development and humanitarian aid against the challenges .

Topics include water security issues in the face of climate change, disabled people in the integrated world, virtual and real worlds, social media as freedoms or slave users, artificial intelligence, role of businesses and the role of emerging companies, Abdelmahmood Abdel Ambassador Halim. Economic growth, games and electronic sports, as well as cultural and artistic issues.

Ambassador Abdelmahmood Abdel Halim said that Bashir and Al-Sisi will hold a bilateral meeting in which the results of the high-level committee meeting in Khartoum will be revised recently with positive results under their chairmanship, the ways and means of strengthening and strengthening bilateral relations in all areas .

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